Beware! Some Windows 10 users are facing the deletion of their files with Update 1809!

It’s October and Microsoft is releasing the new Windows 10 update (known as 1809) this month. The update is designed to patch the operating system, improve the operability, and add new features like Timeline, Snip & Sketch, and Cloud Clipboard. Unfortunately, some early adopters are having their files deleted in the process and some users are getting irrecoverable system crashes resulting in them having to reinstall the entire operating system!

If you are going to complete the Windows 10 1809 upgrade, back up your files before upgrading, and if you get a warning about Intel drivers, do not proceed!

If you have any problems, we’re here for you. Call or stop by our office.

Hopefully Microsoft will resolve these issues before too many people have issues with the upgrade but don’t be one of the few poor folks who get bit.

You can read more about the Windows 10 update 1809 issues at:


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