Email from the Post Office, Not!

by Tim Grier, CET Computer Magician

I have had several clients receive an email, supposedly from the United States Post Office, UPS, and DHL, informing them that they have a package that was undeliverable. When they were prompted by the email to open the necessary forms, their computer was infected by viruses. I just spent a couple of hours removing Trojan.SASfix, Trojan.Email.Gen, and Backdoor.Bot from one of the computers.
Be careful folks! Hackers can be quite inventive in getting you to infect your computer. Don’t open emails that are suspicious – little good comes from them. If you have any suspicion regarding an attachment, simply delete it.
I also had a client last week who received an email, supposed from her email provider, stating that she needed to update her email account password, location, and security questions. She did and subsequently, her account was hacked and used to perpetrate other illegal phishing activities.
Watch out! Update your antivirus definitions, stay vigilant and don’t fall prey to these criminals!

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