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Understanding the Digital Image

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

If you have ever taken a picture with your camera and uploaded your pictures to your computer you have created a digital image. A digital image  is composed of pixels (short for picture elements). Each pixel represents the specific color at a single point in the image. Size wise they compare to minuscule grain particles and are arranged in a regular pattern of rows and columns. A digital image is the grouping of individual pixels put together and is sometimes called a bitmap.

Color vs. Black and White Images

Color images are made up of colored pixels which hold three numbers corresponding to the red, green, and blue levels of the image at a specific location. These are the primary colors for mixing light and is sometimes referred to as RGB. This method for mixing colors allows for roughly 16.7 million different possible colors with the various combinations of the three. Black and white images differ in that they are made of pixels in different shades of gray. The gray levels span the full range from black to white to create 256 different grays.


Have you ever tried to increase the size of a picture and it is fuzzy? The images low resolution is the problem you may be combating. The quality of the image is based on the number of points at which we sample the image by measuring its color. The density of pixels in an image is referred to as its resolution.

Higher resolution images contain more information. If the image size is kept the same and there is an increase in the resolution, the image gets sharper and more detailed. Alternatively, if taking a higher resolution image, you can produce a larger image with the same amount of detail.


Note: If you are using digital images in printed media a higher resolution is key to a clean crisp appearance. Save the images in a high resolution at the size expected to be used upfront.

Tim Grier
Computer Magician
CET Computer Magic

Free Computer Workshop Planned for Monday, Feb 27th!

Friday, February 24th, 2012

We had a great response at our January workshop and are very excited about our workshop on Monday, February 27th! This one will be an excellent opportunity to ask questions about and get an inside look at Microsoft Windows operating systems! Tim will be conducting the workshop and will be covering topics ranging from the Windows desktop to the Windows directory structure to some tips and tricks that you can do yourself to help protect your PC. We hope to see you there!
Free Computer Basics Workshop
“Microsoft Windows et al”
Charles Mack Citizen’s Center
215 N Main St, Mooresville NC 28115
3:00pm – 4:30pm

Beware! Another Mail Attachment Virus!

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Back in September I wrote about a virus disguised as an email attachment from the New York State police. Well, a variant is out again! This one is supposedly from American Airlines and has your ticket information attached – again, don’t open that attachment because it is a virus! Beware of these attempts to infect your computer! The intent is to infect your computer and eventually steal your personal information.