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Windows 8 System Image

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

So you’ve got a new Windows 8 computer all set up and running – great! But, before you have problems or your system crashes and you need to reload it, create a system image! The Windows 8 system image is kind of hidden. The Windows 7 system image is still a viable option but it’s difficult to find. Use it to create a fantastic backup option.

Dangers of a Cold Laptop

Friday, January 10th, 2014

We’ve been experiencing some unusually cold weather here in Mooresville, NC. As a southern, I’m not too happy about it nor am I used to it at all. In fact, as a computer repair technician, I’ve found that many of us locals are completely unaware of the problems that this cold weather can cause. If you happen to leave your laptop in the car on these bitterly cold nights, don’t just take it in and start it up. Extreme cold can cause the metal parts inside your laptop to work improperly. I had a client who had left a laptop inside his car overnight during our record cold snap earlier this week and when he started it up, it made a horrific sound, crashing his hard drive. We were able to recover his data, replace his hard drive and get him back up and running but be warned. If you leave that laptop in your car overnight, bring it in and let it warm up a bit before you just press that power switch.