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Mooresville Computers Trash or Repair

Saturday, September 8th, 2012
Mooresville Computers Trash or Repair

Mooresville Computers Trash or Repair

Are you thinking about a new PC?
Does your current computer frustrate you more than ever?
Do you know a good computer repairman in Mooresville?

Your computer may be junk and need to be recycled, BUT it may be able to be restored to “Like New” condition and be very useful again. Some very bogus computer theories:

  • Computers are disposal
  • Computers do not last more than 2 years
  • I need to buy a new PC every year
  • PC’s are cheap and don’t last very long
  • Mac’s do not get viruses

I am not going to argue PC vs. Mac (the commercials are hilarious) but many computers made after 1999 may still have a lot of life in them. For instance, if you need a computer or laptop for your child to do school work, your current machine can be repaired to higher standards than necessary for that and you can treat yourself to a new computer.

I fix many more computers than I dispose of, so don’t think that just because your computer has slowed down or takes longer to boot up, that it’s trash. I’m a Computer Magician!

Tim Grier
Computer Magician
CET Computer Magic

The Effects of Dust on Your Computer

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Dust is a common enemy for both computer and person alike. When is the last time you gave your computer a good air bath? Most people respond never, which can have some short term and long term problematic results. Computer devices are made for low dust environments and need to be kept that way.

  • Did you know that most computers do not come with dust filters? What results is the drawing in of dust directly into the computer case. The dust will coat the components with a film or layer of dust over time. This can causes the computer to operate above the  optimal 75 degree mark speed wise.


  • DVD Drives or CD Drives can experience premature failure. These optical components are built with Optical lenses, motors, and servos that require a dust free light path to function properly. To much dust can cause them lose their ability to read data from disks.


  • A computer with a large buildup of dust can experience short circuits due to humidity changes. The longer the dust sits sedimentary and gathers moisture, it can harden and form a block across connections.


  • Have you ever put your hand on the side of a computer and found it to be extremely hot? Extra heat is caused by dust.  If too much dust traps heat inside the case, it will slow the system down or shut it down.


Useful Tip: A service schedule to keep your computer components dust free is essential. The easiest thing you can do on a daily basis is to keep a can of Dust Off or other brand handy to prevent dust buildup.

Tim Grier
Computer Magician
CET Computer Magic

Memory and Your PC

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

One of the most common questions asked of me is: “How can I speed up my computer? I’ve scanned for viruses; I’ve limited start up applications; I’ve defragmented my hard drive; what else can I do? It ran fine 3 years ago when I bought it but now it’s so slow.”

Well, my first suggestions are all of those previously mentioned. Viruses and other malware, large numbers of start up applications, and heavily fragmented hard drives can definitely slow down your PC but as systems age, they are also slowed down by operating system and application updates.

You see, mass market retailers like Dell, HP, Toshiba and Lenovo (Best Buy and Staples as their big box counterparts) are more than happy to sell you a PC with minimal memory – often giving you a great deal on a system with 512MB or 1GB of Random Access Memory (RAM). When you buy the new system, it is keyed to meet the minimum requirements to the existing software. Unfortunately, that minimal memory isn’t sufficient as the software “grows”.

Your RAM is like your desk at work; the computer must put everything in RAM to process it just as you would need to put all of your paperwork on your desk to work on it. So, your operating system is loading into RAM, your antivirus program is loaded into RAM, your video control apps are loaded into RAM, all of your other device drivers are loaded into RAM, and the programs that you are running are loaded into RAM. When you bought that system three years ago, all that was fine, but now the operating system has experienced two service packs and thirty-seven additional patches (it’s gotten bigger and takes up more space), your antivirus program has been updated and takes up more space, your drivers and programs may have been updated and have now grown – in short, that low-cost PC with minimal memory is now an issue. Consider trying to work on the desk that you used in first grade at your job today. See the limitations?

But never fear…upgrading your system memory can generally be done easily and for under $100.00. It’s a great way to get some extra miles out of that PC. By upgrading that memory, you’re giving your processor more space to put all that “stuff” while it works on it.

Still, there are limitations – the older the PC, the more limited the availability of memory modules that will fit in your computer. Technology marches on and as those newer technologies evolve, older technologies are shelved. Today’s computers use completely different memory modules than those just two years ago; manufacturers are not making that old stuff as much anymore so it’s more difficult to find and hence more expensive.