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Make Your Laptop Battery Last

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

How many times have you taken your laptop out to use it and realized your battery was almost dead? The fun is looking for an emergency charge, and depending where you are could be a plug finding quest. The stability of a laptop battery is questionable after 1-2 years depending on your usage. Most laptop batteries are created to last around 400 recharges and will then have the possibility of losing its ability to hold a charge.

Here are some tips to help you extend the life of your current battery:

  1. Using your laptop as a primary desktop PC that is always plugged in wastes the amount of recharges available to you. Did you know the battery is not needed if its plugged into an AC outlet? Pop the battery out until you need to travel with your laptop.
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi and BlueTooth when it is not needed. Laptops have an easily accessible shortcut key to instantly disable wireless networking.
  3. If its going to be awhile before you can grab a charge don’t play computer games, music or DVD movies. Multimedia activities will drain a laptop battery.
  4. If your running any programs from a CD or DVD note that it can be copied to and run from the hard drive do so. The hard drive usage will consume less power than an optical drive.
  5. Disconnect external devices (i.e. external hard drive, USB devices) when not needed.

Good to Note: Make your battery have a longer life by utilizing standby  and hibernation mode. Use standby to save power when you will be away from the computer for a short time. Use hibernation to save power when you will be away from the computer for an extended time while working.

Tim Grier
Computer Magician
CET Computer Magic

Facebook Virus

Monday, June 27th, 2011

I read a post on Facebook today that another virus is attacking computers again. This un-named rogue virus supposedly invades your PC, runs rampant through your contact list and bank accounts and destroys your computer.

Sometimes stories get told and re-told until they are larger than the original, kind of like that big fish I caught last weekend. Every time I tell a friend about that big ol’ largemouth bass, it grows an inch and gains a pound.

Too bad it jumped out of my bucket, back into the pond and swam away.   ;-/

bassTim Grier

Laptop issues???

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011


Laptop computers are the hottest PC on the market now. Many laptops need repairs shortly after purchase due to various reasons, mostly owner mistakes. Here are a few tips to give your laptop a longer and more productive life cycle.

~ Use a cool pad – cool pads can extend the life of a laptop immensely by keeping it cooler. Heat kills computers!
~ Avoid online gaming websites – free gaming websites carry potential viruses. If you like playing games, use a Pay to Play site, they are much safer.
~ Avoid Peer To Peer websites – peer to peer not only shares files, but lots of viruses as well.
~ Purchase a case or nice bag to carry your laptop – one drop can ruin a good laptop and good carrying case is invaluable.
~ Anti-Virus Software – good anti-virus software is priceless, but can be worthless if it is not updated. Run regular, scheduled updates on your anti-virus software.

If you run into issues and need some assistance, call me and I’ll repair your laptop and get it back to peak performance.

Tim Grier