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When Technical Support Goes Wrong!

Friday, June 19th, 2015

Today has been really disconcerting because of some of issues we have faced with our industry peers.
One of our clients was having Roku issues so she googled for help on the internet where she found a 1-800 number that connected her with an individual overseas. The young man speaking broken English ensured her that he could help her with her Roku but he would have to connect to her PC. She gave him access for a remote support session which he used to “show” her all the infections that she had on her laptop and claimed that those infections were the reason her Roku wasn’t working. He stated that he could solve her Roku issues but he’d need a credit card number and the virus removal would cost her $299. We had cleaned her computer last week and she called me because she was told that her computer was full of infections. I told her not to give the individual a credit card number and that I was on my way. When I got to her home, she was still online with the guy. I power-cycled her Roku and it was working within 30 seconds. I took over the chat with the individual from overseas. He continued to claim that he needed to get a credit card number to remove the viruses. I texted him that the Roku was fine but he continued to claim that he needed to remove the infections to fix it. I told him that the Roku was working but he stood by his statement that the infections were massive and he needed to get a credit card to get them removed. I texted that I was Tim Grier with CET Computer Repair and that I had power-cycled the Roku which was now working fine and our conversation needed to come to an end – he immediately disconnected. I removed the software that the individual had installed on our client’s system and completed a full system scan – there were no infections whatsoever.
It’s scary how far our industry has fallen – scammers, liars, and crooks. I know that our lawmakers can’t do much about overseas’ charlatans but they seem to be making it easier for them to prey on our citizens. What’s more disconcerting is those who are right here locally.
A second client had brought in a system earlier in the week with a corrupted Windows 7 operating system. We couldn’t install service pack 1 but there was no license key on the system. I “band-aided” the system and asked if she could please ask the individual who had installed the Windows 7 Ultimate operating system to give her the license key. She contacted us today stating that her system was running very slow. I asked if she had received the license key but she said that she had asked “the other guy” but he didn’t give her the license key, he had to take the system and “fix” it. It did have service pack 1 installed but the operating system was so corrupted that it wouldn’t even run a virus scan – after 10 hours, it had only scanned a little over 6000 files. It’s obvious the operating system is pirated. There’s nothing we can do – we don’t deal in pirated software.
Scammers, liars and crooks! Don’t be deceived. CET isn’t the only legitimate service provider in the area – there are several good guys out there – but there are also far too many con-artists in our industry too. Please, be careful – don’t be a victim!

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Make Your Laptop Battery Last

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

How many times have you taken your laptop out to use it and realized your battery was almost dead? The fun is looking for an emergency charge, and depending where you are could be a plug finding quest. The stability of a laptop battery is questionable after 1-2 years depending on your usage. Most laptop batteries are created to last around 400 recharges and will then have the possibility of losing its ability to hold a charge.

Here are some tips to help you extend the life of your current battery:

  1. Using your laptop as a primary desktop PC that is always plugged in wastes the amount of recharges available to you. Did you know the battery is not needed if its plugged into an AC outlet? Pop the battery out until you need to travel with your laptop.
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi and BlueTooth when it is not needed. Laptops have an easily accessible shortcut key to instantly disable wireless networking.
  3. If its going to be awhile before you can grab a charge don’t play computer games, music or DVD movies. Multimedia activities will drain a laptop battery.
  4. If your running any programs from a CD or DVD note that it can be copied to and run from the hard drive do so. The hard drive usage will consume less power than an optical drive.
  5. Disconnect external devices (i.e. external hard drive, USB devices) when not needed.

Good to Note: Make your battery have a longer life by utilizing standby  and hibernation mode. Use standby to save power when you will be away from the computer for a short time. Use hibernation to save power when you will be away from the computer for an extended time while working.

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Facebook Virus

Monday, June 27th, 2011

I read a post on Facebook today that another virus is attacking computers again. This un-named rogue virus supposedly invades your PC, runs rampant through your contact list and bank accounts and destroys your computer.

Sometimes stories get told and re-told until they are larger than the original, kind of like that big fish I caught last weekend. Every time I tell a friend about that big ol’ largemouth bass, it grows an inch and gains a pound.

Too bad it jumped out of my bucket, back into the pond and swam away.   ;-/

bassTim Grier