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Virus Protection

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

I read on Facebook that a new virus is being spread by a video link claiming to be a YouTube video of the Osama killing. I can’t claim it to be fact or fiction and will not click on it to find out, but will air on the side of precaution and leave it alone.


Viruses are a part of our computing life now and we all should use good judgement while on the Internet. My rule of thumb is that if it looks suspecious or too good to be true, stay away. The best practice is to buy good anti-virus software and update it regularly.

As we build better virus protection, the hackers are building better viruses. So, your virus protection (regardless of the brand or manufacturer) is only as good as it’s last update. In other words, the new anti-virus you just installed is out of date and needs to be updated to the latest version.

Tim Grier

Laptop issues???

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011


Laptop computers are the hottest PC on the market now. Many laptops need repairs shortly after purchase due to various reasons, mostly owner mistakes. Here are a few tips to give your laptop a longer and more productive life cycle.

~ Use a cool pad – cool pads can extend the life of a laptop immensely by keeping it cooler. Heat kills computers!
~ Avoid online gaming websites – free gaming websites carry potential viruses. If you like playing games, use a Pay to Play site, they are much safer.
~ Avoid Peer To Peer websites – peer to peer not only shares files, but lots of viruses as well.
~ Purchase a case or nice bag to carry your laptop – one drop can ruin a good laptop and good carrying case is invaluable.
~ Anti-Virus Software – good anti-virus software is priceless, but can be worthless if it is not updated. Run regular, scheduled updates on your anti-virus software.

If you run into issues and need some assistance, call me and I’ll repair your laptop and get it back to peak performance.

Tim Grier

Computer Repair Hickory & the Summer Heat

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

What does Computer Repair for Hickory and the Summer Heat Wave have in common you ask??? Quite a lot actually, the Hickory area has been a good city for me and my business, so as I work with local businesses and the Chamber of Commerce, I felt compelled to offer some summer heat advise to my friends. The message is Be Prepared.

Here Ya’ Go: 

With August upon us, the summer heat and humidity can quickly become an issue. Outdoor work is a necessity for most of us and being prepared for these summer conditions are important. Just like winter, we put on a coat before we leave the house, in the summer we must also prepare for the outside conditions.

Here are a few things I do and recommend to friends and family:

  • Hydrate – Water is critical for our bodies to cool itself, drink plenty of water.
  • Hat – If you must work in the sun, wear a hat to protect your head from sunburn.
  • Sunscreen – PF 40 is the minimum I use and if I’m vacationing on the beach or lake, I’ll up it to PF 50.
  • Plan & Prepare – If your work indoors, plan and prepare for your outdoor activity, schedule breaks and bring plenty of water. Don’t overdo it and know your limitations.

Stay Safe & Enjoy the Summer!

Tim Grier

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