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The Strength of a Good Password

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Good account passwords are extremely important! Whether you’re using MI-Connection in Mooresville, Time-Warner in Cornelius, Charter in Denver, Windstream in Davidson, or an AOL account in Statesville, if you do not have a good password then you’re setting yourself up for problems. Hackers can easily push past simple passwords and gain access to your accounts. A password like “aol123″ isn’t going to protect anything – your first line of defense against hackers and, effectively, identity theft, and the subsequent problems associated with that, is a good password.
Good passwords contain both upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and non-alphanumerical symbols such as !, @, $, %, or & when applicable. Be aware that some providers do not allow all characters but mix it up as much as possible.
Use password length to your advantage. The longer the password, more difficult it is to hack using a brute force method. Using a brute force application and the processing power of a standard desktop computer, a simple 5 character (letter only) password can be identified within 24 hours. Tripling that length – say a 15 character (letter only) password – increases the time associated with brute force applications by more than ten times. Adding the numbers and symbols, as suggested above, makes the brute force method extremely time consuming and much less probable.
Do not use common words found in a dictionary. This makes your password much less secure and even easier to hack. Additionally, do not use personal information because this too can easily be accessed by hackers using Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media information found in simple internet searches.
Finally, change your passwords regularly. Monthly or quarterly changes are sufficient for most applications. When you do change your password, don’t use just two or three that you rotate, use several and even change them up.
If your password does get hacked, change it immediately! Also, change your security questions on the hacked account. It would also be a good idea to change the passwords and security questions on your other accounts just in case.

Beware! Another Mail Attachment Virus!

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Back in September I wrote about a virus disguised as an email attachment from the New York State police. Well, a variant is out again! This one is supposedly from American Airlines and has your ticket information attached – again, don’t open that attachment because it is a virus! Beware of these attempts to infect your computer! The intent is to infect your computer and eventually steal your personal information.