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The Mac myth is alive and well!

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

For some reason, people have come to believe in the mythical computer that never crashes, never catches a virus, and never has any issues. Folks, it’s a lie! Update your operating system! (Mac OS or Windows) Be careful of the websites that you download from! And, by all means, back up your data! Get an inexpensive external drive and back up your stuff. This past week I witnessed a most unfortunate incident whereby a Power Mac G5 user lost everything when a Seagate 320GB hard drive crashed. The hard drive inside the mythical Mac is the same hard drive inside an old Dell PC. The individual had no back up and the data was not recoverable due to a severe head crash. Don’t believe in the myth, protect yourself! It doesn’t take much time and can save you hours and hundreds of dollars in trying to recover your priceless data.

New PC options with CET…

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Tired of Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc? Tired of being treated like an idiot when you call customer service? CET will be offering Certera desktops and Jetta laptops on the web. These are “Made-in-America” systems and use higher quality parts than the “big, low-cost players”. As we get the details sorted out, expect more information will be forth coming!