Laptop issues???


Laptop computers are the hottest PC on the market now. Many laptops need repairs shortly after purchase due to various reasons, mostly owner mistakes. Here are a few tips to give your laptop a longer and more productive life cycle.

~ Use a cool pad – cool pads can extend the life of a laptop immensely by keeping it cooler. Heat kills computers!
~ Avoid online gaming websites – free gaming websites carry potential viruses. If you like playing games, use a Pay to Play site, they are much safer.
~ Avoid Peer To Peer websites – peer to peer not only shares files, but lots of viruses as well.
~ Purchase a case or nice bag to carry your laptop – one drop can ruin a good laptop and good carrying case is invaluable.
~ Anti-Virus Software – good anti-virus software is priceless, but can be worthless if it is not updated. Run regular, scheduled updates on your anti-virus software.

If you run into issues and need some assistance, call me and I’ll repair your laptop and get it back to peak performance.

Tim Grier

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