Geek Speak Seminars

Free Computer Basics Seminars

Deciphering the Geek Speak and Understanding Your Computer

Are you baffled by your IT department when you ask a simple question?

Would you like to actually understand a little more about how your computer works?

Throughout 2011, Tim Grier, the owner of CET Computer Repair and Training, an adjunct Computer Engineering instructor at Mitchell Community College and former high school Computer and Electronics teacher, will be conducting free seminars to try to help demystify your computer’s inner-workings.
The geek-speak that many IT people use is both a learned response from their social peers and a defense mechanism when questioned by non-geeks. While the terminology used by telephone tech support advisors and on-site techs is proper, it often baffles most people. Tim will try to decipher it all for you. Come and find out what a NIC does, what the CPU is, why RAM matters and why anyone would be interested in your Cookies.

What: Free Computer Basics Seminars
When: The 4th Monday of the month, January – October, 3:00 – 4:30 pm
Where: The Merchant Room, Charles Mack Citizens Center, Mooresville, NC
RSVP: Mooresville Chamber Office, 704-664-3898

Jan 24th – “What’s That?”: A Quick Tour Inside Your Computer
Feb 28th – “Microsoft’s Windows et al”: Operating Systems
Mar 28th – “How Your Computer ‘Thinks’, Not”: Processors and Memory
April 18th – “The Computer’s ‘Central Nervous System’”: The Motherboard
May 23rd – “Where’d My File Go?”: Mass Storage Devices
June 27th – “Input…..”: Peripheral Devices
July 25th – “*&^%# Microsoft!”: Working with Windows Part 1
August 22nd – “What the &^%#!”: Working with Windows Part 2
September 26th – “Computers Talking to Computers”: Networking
October 24th – “Did I Download That?”: Hazards of the Internet


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